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What is PET Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy is a strategy that aims to reduce both the entry of virgin raw materials and waste production, closing the economic and ecological resources loops or flows. In the PET industry, the circular economy makes it possible to extract the highest value from plastic while it is in use, to later recover and regenerate it into sustainable raw material. This way, the plastic waste generation is reduced, and these are reintegrated into the sector economic cycle.

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Did you know that PET can be recycled up to 20 times?

The human being has distorted the functionality and advantages offered by a recyclable plastic packaging / container. By not properly managing so-called “single-use” plastic waste, it becomes that, due to the lack of a recycling culture. Did you know that PET can be recycled up to 20 times before it loses its mechanical properties? Find out how LPET supports environmental sustainability with its products and treatments in our blog section.

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Facilities of international stature

We currently have an installed capacity of 1,300 tons per month (3 million pounds) within 6,200 m2 industrial warehouses and soon, we will grow even more! Our standardized extrusion lines provide us with unmatched flexibility and responsiveness for our customers.

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Why choose LPET?

Commitment and personalized attention to each client is the basis of all our business relationships. We provide the confidence so that they see us as their extrusion department, always looking for the how-to: At LPET, what is said, is done…

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