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Since its founding, LPET has focused on manufacturing 100% recycled PET sheet with the highest quality and safety standards. Thus, we provide a reliable and competitive alternative of raw material for the manufacture of trays, containers, and packaging in different industries. We are proud to offer our customers a product that will allow them to manufacture quality parts with greater sustainability and with a reduced environmental impact.


Create value for all stakeholders by transforming recycled PET into high-quality sheet.


Consolidate ourselves internationally as 100% recycled PET sheet manufacturers under a total quality scheme.


Efficiency: Achieve the objectives with an optimal use of resources: human, material, and financial.

Continuous improvement: Constantly seeking to exceed the results previously obtained.

Excellence: Always seek to be the best in what we do.

Honesty: Act and behave with the truth.

Integridad: Hacer siempre lo correcto y lo justo.


The commitment and personalized attention to each client is the basis of all our business relationships. We provide the
confidence so that they see us as their extrusion department,
always looking for the how-to: In LPET, We say what we mean, and we do what we say.


We currently have…

An installed capacity of 1,500 tons per month (3.3 million pounds) within 97,000 sqft industrial facility. Thanks to our extrusion technology, we can produce sustainable PET sheet with a reduced environmental impact.


We are the leading Mexican company in the production of PET sheet with international presence and recognition. Our largest clients are companies located in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

At LPET we are committed to the environment, and we participate with a high percentage of the process in the circular economy of PET. Our raw material comes from landfills where our suppliers obtain bottles and other packaging, which is classified, crushed, and washed to generate PET flakes.

These flakes are transformed into a finished product from 100% recycled PET sheet; PET sheet can be used for thermoforming and other processes, among other derived products such as trays, packaging and / or containers can be obtained.

With the proper handling of waste (trays, packaging and / or containers) by the end consumer, PET can be recycled up to 20 times before it loses its mechanical properties. In the case of our clients, we reprocess the residue of the shredded post-industrial trim derived from its transformation process in our sheets, this way, the life cycle of PET begins again.

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