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PET sheet has greater commercial use compared to other polymers due to its excellent versatility, clarity, and ease of processing. These characteristics allow the generation of all types of trays, containers and packaging that highlight and ensure the qualities of the products.


Our PET sheets can adapt to the needs of customers, for this reason we have the possibility of manufacturing with the following materials:
  • Monolayer PET sheet with 100% recycled material origin (RPET):
  • At LPET, sustainability is one of the priorities. With this sheet we offer a product with excellent mechanical properties, at an affordable price with a reduced environmental impact.

  • Monolayer PET sheet with 100% virgin materials (APET):
  • Derived from our extrusion process, we can produce a high-quality PET sheet with incomparable mechanical properties that guarantees trays , packaging and / or containers with a unique transparency and clarity.

  • Monolayer PET sheet with recycled to virgin ratio:
  • This product is sustainability and transparency in a single sheet. Such that, sustainable and highly transparent packaging can be created that highlights the characteristics of the final product, make them visually appealing.

    Crystal RPET: It is the most commercially used film thanks to its excellent clarity and ease of processing that allows the generation of all types of containers and packages that highlight the qualities of our customers’ product.

    Color RPET: At LPET we adapt to the needs of our clients. Our sheet can be pigmented in any color – Pantone according to your requirement without affecting its safety and quality, in order to meet the aesthetic specifications that are required. We have the following range of line colors: Solid and translucent black, white, green, yellow, purple and brown.


    In addition to the different materials that we handle, we also have different treatments that give our product versatility; his way, our clients can acquire the PET sheet with the necessary specifications and in accordance with their requirements:


    Surface treatment applied at the end of the extrusion process and that allows demolding in the thermoforming process. Thanks to this treatment, the container is easily handled when stacked and packed.

    Dissipative Antistatic (ESD)

    Surface treatment applied at the end of the extrusion process that prevents the sheet and the thermoformed product from accumulating electrostatic charges and generating electrostatic discharges (ESD) towards people and / or the electronic device that uses it. The dissipative surface resistivity measurements on the sheet ranges from 1×10 ^ 7 Ω / sq to 1×10 ^ 8 Ω / sq prior to the thermoforming process.

    Anti-fogging Agent (Antifog)

    It is a harmless surface treatment that is applied at the end of the extrusion process, preventing the formation of micro droplets of moisture, mist or water vapor on the sheet, maintaining its transparency.

    Biodegradable Agent (Bio)

    It is an additive that is intrinsically integrated into the sheet in the extrusion process and allows the plastic to anaerobically biodegrade when its useful life ends, reducing the natural biodegradation time of PET from 500 to 5 years in outdoor landfills.

    Extrusion capabilities

    Available specifications range


    Thickness variation
    0.008-0.040 in | 203-1,143 μm

    Width variation
    15 - 53 in | 400 - 1350 mm

    +/- 2%
    3 and 6 in | Paperboard or Plastic
    Roll weight range
    88-2645 lb | 40-1200 kg
    Unmolding treatment
    Silicone 1 or 2 sides or without silicone, as needed
    Antistatic treatment
    Superficial - Dissipative 1x10^ 8Ω/sq

    Customer service:

    We are not only a supplier of PET sheet, but we are also the extrusion department for your company! With this statement, we are committed to the quality of our sheet to ensure that of your final thermoforming products. Our personalized attention to each client is the basis of all our business relationships. We will always be close with constant communication, to guarantee the quality of our product and make deliveries on time that allow you to ensure your operation.


    Inventory in common specifications:

    We have accompanied and helped our clients grow by being their extrusion department. Our PET sheet in their various materials and treatments supply the food, agricultural, electronic, automotive and mass consumption markets, among others. We have a permanent inventory in next gauges: 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 30 (thousandths of an inch) in a width of 22.05 in with 2-sided silicone, an 99.2 lb average weight roll for retail sale.

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